About me



Ferenc Leuko is an executive coach and trainer with over 15 years of experience in delivering coaching, facilitation, and training services, including leading his own leadership development firm in Budapest, Hungary. He is passionate about supporting leaders and aims to bring out individuals’ leadership potential through teaching transformative leadership techniques as well as through helping them increase their personal commitment and energy. Ferenc is involved in coaching for executives, senior managers, and key employees, and also works in team development, in Hungary and in international projects in Europe. Ferenc’s key strengths are small team training and team coaching, executive leadership coaching, and coaching business leaders on a holistic basis regarding issues of managing stress, achieving balance, developing careers, maintaining motivation, and achieving goals.

Prior to his work leading his leadership development firm, Ferenc gained two years of experience at Allianz corporation, where he was part of the team that introduced British training technology into the Hungarian Allianz branch, and implemented new sales techniques and leadership practices.

Ferenc holds an MA degree in Business Management and an MA in Cultural Anthropology. Concurrently to his current work, he is a PhD candidate in Psychology, through which he is researching leadership narratives connected to corporate competitiveness.