Team Coaching 


In organizations the ability of a team to stand for a common vision and/or common goals is crucial. When a team is really united in pursuing an important common vision, the energies multiply, and significantly better ideas and solutions can emerge, making the fulfilment of even the wildest dreams possible. In the absence of a common vision the staff usually only carries out the daily tasks, lacking an inner fire or any kind of personal driving force. When a team is unable to openly and honestly discuss personal opinions and goals, and is unable to mobilize the individual members toward their common goals, they need to stop and look beyond the daily routine. The team coaching method speaks to the immediate situation of the team, the practical difficulties existing in the team, and encourages the open and honest development of common goals. The purpose of team coaching is to enable the team to find common goals and cooperation strategies that all the members can wholeheartedly adhere to. In team coaching I work with small groups, using time-limited coaching programs which focus on practical issues.