Executive Coaching


The future of companies, enterprises is determined more than anything else by the vision of the executive. During executive coaching the coach supports the executive in making decisions based on a clear vision. A vision is clear if it can mobilize the internal commitment, emotional energy of the executive, it is in line with his/her personal beliefs and  convictions. The division of our internal energies results in conflicting emotions, causing implementation to always lack that extra spark which enables us to create outstanding solutions in a given situation. During coaching we deal with getting stuck, the missing links and all sorts of challenges.

Team Coaching


In organizations the ability of a team to stand for a common vision and/or common goals is crucial. When a team is really united in pursuing an important common vision, the energies multiply, and significantly better ideas and solutions can emerge, making the fulfilment of even the wildest dreams possible. In the absence of a common vision the staff usually only carries out the daily tasks, lacking an inner fire or any kind of personal driving force. When a team is unable to openly and honestly discuss personal opinions and goals, and is unable to mobilize the individual members toward their common goals, they need to stop and look beyond the daily routine.

Career Coaching


Work and life are the same thing. We cannot achieve balance by attempting to keep our work and private life separate. The balance lies in the realization of our own dreams. There is no energy without constant change, development and the fulfilment of our inner essence. Work in which we cannot allow ourselves to come to full expression exhausts us and burns us out in the long term. It is no use building an upward-moving career, however logical it might seem from the outside, if it is not in line with my personal desires, feelings and convictions. When we cannot be fully present in our work, it is time to consider how we can bring life back into our work, or bring other work into our life.